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Company Overview
We support clean and safe beauty, personal care and cosmetics products.
Clean beauty, for us simply means non-toxic product that is made without long list of ingredients linked to harmful health effect from skin irritation, hormone disruptor to cancer causing agents.
We love to share the joy of using essential oils and combine it in our beauty and health lifestyle.
Make a choice for healthier living!
If you would like to make informed decision on your beauty choices, follow our #cleanbeautymovement with #mymiracolo in Malaysia!
| pure essential oils | aromatherapy accessories | body care | hair care | skin care | artisan | handmade |

Company Snapshot
Our Address: L1-K004, Level 1, Vivacity Megamall, Jalan Wan Alwi,
Kuching, Malaysia
Industry: Retails Shop
Contact No.: 011-1611 3343
Working Hours: Monday-Sunday

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