Internship (WormingUp) – Kuching

WormingUp – Posted by wormingup | 8 Nov 2018
Sarawak, Malaysia Internship / Industrial Training

NOTE: This job listing has EXPIRED!


Internship (WormingUp) – Kuching

This internship welcome all the greenies. There are no specific requirements for educational background or skills but most importantly, your motivation and personality. We are now open internship programme for year 2019 starting from January to December.

We run an agricultural consultancy out of Kuching, Sarawak of Malaysia, focused on:

  • Using insect farms as a means for organic waste disposal
  • Sustainable waste management for three local wet markets
  • Running green events
  • Through our training and services, local farmers add value to their supply chain via effective waste management.

Job Description :

  • Involve in waste management and entomological farming
  • Planning and organizing green events
  • Airport pick up and accommodation is provided.
  • Allowance depends on the number of interns recruit.
  • Duration: minimum of 8 weeks, priority for 12 weeks or longer
  • Certificate will be provided

    How to Apply

    Send your application with UPDATED curriculum vitae (attached with passport-size photo) to

    At the mean time sending your email, you may state this as well:

    Application is based on your own initiative or required by university?

    When is your internship period needed?


    Contact person : 013 7200218 for more information

    Reference Link:
    Job Categories: Science Technology (m).
    Job Types: Internship / Industrial Training.
    Salary: Disclosed upon application.

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