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Resume Samples

Below are resume samples catered as solutions to your unique problem. Find the sample for problem you're facing. And use some of these ideas on your resume masterpiece. Here are some tips and tricks to tackle your resume creation dilemmas;

Short-term jobs and employment gaps.
List only years and not months under work history

Disguise your unemployment gap by referring to consulting work or volunteer jobs that you've done.

Self-employed or Freelance
Label yourself as "independent [Job Title]" rather than "Self-employed for a year" to give your resume some real teeth as to not intimidate the potential employer.

No higher education qualification
If you do not have college degree, list down various relevant training/courses/seminars to replace "Education". label it as "Professional Development" or "Relevant Accomplishments" rather than "Education"

Age discrimination
Leave out the years and date of graduation to avoid triggering age discrimination or maybe considered "outdated".

Career Change
List down "Relevant Experience" to make a good heading and leave out jobs that are not relevant to your current career objective.

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